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Partnerships with best-in-class original restaurant concepts that have stood the test of time.


The third ICON partnership was established with PICK-QUICK Drive In, Inc. of Fife, Washington. This classic drive in was opened by Jay Adolph and Henrietta Olsen in 1949. PICK-QUICK is owned today by by Joe and Betty Burgi. In 2007 ICON founder Gerard Centioli and Joe Burgi formed PICK-QUICK Development Company LLC to develop the concept beyond Fife.

The first ICONcept, the PICK-QUICK Drive In Flagship, brole ground in Auburn, Washington on September 27, 2010. On October 1, 2010 USA Today named PICK-QUICK Drive In the “Best Burger Joint in the State of Washington” in its list of “51 Great Burger Joints in America.” On March 8, 2011, the 12th Anniversary of ICON LLC, the PICK-QUICK Drive In Flagship opened.